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        The new Raiden 7 Electric Speed Controller (ESC) by ZESC features a safe and powerful design.  The Raiden 7 offers significant performance improvement over the previous Warrior 6 series ESC. Overall design has been upgraded to accommodate new functions, such as IMU, to offer versatile yet trustworthy DIY and riding experience.



Raiden 7-HV

2023 Release Notes

1.  Roll to start is added. Push your board to power on and long press button to power off. 
2.  Circuit and PCB layout are optimized.
3. 14v aux output is removed.
4. 84v (HV) version is added.
Scroll down and check new user guide for details.


We need 1-2 business days to prepare shipment and do final checks.

We use DHL/Fedex service.

Shipment usually takes 2 - 9 business days to get delivered.

Please contact us for bulk discount pricing.

SPECs of Raiden 7


What's in the box

R7 x1 includes:
1  x Raiden 7 esc    

1  x JST ph 2.0 6pin hall sensor cable    
1  x JST ph 2.0 4pin cable (adc)    
1  x JST ph 2.0 5pin cable (ppm and uart)      
10  x 4mm terminals
5  x screws

R7 x2 includes:
2  x Raiden 7 esc    
1  x JST ph 2.0 6pin hall sensor cable    
1  x JST ph 2.0 4pin cable (adc)    
1  x JST ph 2.0 5pin cable (ppm and uart)        
1  x JST ph 2.0 2pin can-bus cable
20  x 4mm terminals

10  x screws

Download software and user guide at bottom of the page.


Small and powerful.

R7 2021 0508.jpg

Each 4mm screw terminal has 60mm² cross sectional area(≈ 4 times of 6awg wires) which makes it able to handle 250 Amps peak current.


DRVless design offers high reliability under sustained high voltage and high current.

FL5A7026 c.jpg

Versatile and simple: Screw terminals fit 12awg to 6awg wires, offering a more reliable and easier way to install.


Bluetooth connectivity: Connect to your phone through BLE (optional)




R7 design screenshot.JPG

* Click on the picture above to download Raiden 7 drawing

Document & Software & Firmware Download

Download Beta Firmware Version x.xx

* Based on Firmware x.xx

Caution: Beta Firmware. Proceed with extreme caution! Use at your own risk!

We thank Benjamin and all developers, for their truly great work in developing the original VESC design and firmware.

ZESC software is derived from VESC project.

You can visit the original, official website of VESC project:

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