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The new Raiden 7 PRO Electric Speed Controller (ESC) by ZESC features compact and powerful design.  The Raiden 7 PRO offers significant performance improvement over the previous Raiden 7 ESC. Overall design has been upgraded to accommodate higher continuous current and better thermal performance.


92V 200A

Raiden 7-PRO

2023 Release Notes

1. Aluminum PCB is used for power stage. 
2. Second UART port and one AUX output is added. PPM port is standalone.
3. Water block is available.
Scroll down and check user guide for details.


We need 1-2 business days to prepare shipment and do final checks.

We use DHL/Fedex service.

Shipment usually takes 2 - 9 business days to get delivered.

Please contact us for bulk discount pricing.

SPECs of Raiden 7 PRO


What's in the box

R7 PRO includes:
1   x Raiden 7 PRO esc    

1   x JST ph 2.0 6pin hall sensor cable    
1   x JST phd 2.0 18pin cable (include power switch)     
6   x m4 terminals
3   x m4 screws

Download software and user guide at bottom of the page.


In this brand new design, current is pushed to a higher level.

Logic circuit and power stage are populated on two boards.

Location of dc-link capacitor is changed.


Heat can be transferred from Mosfets to heatsink efficiently through aluminum PCB.


Water block keeps temperature of Mosfets below 50C at 200A. 


Battery cables (10awg) are on the back side of the ESC.

Outer diameter of hose connector is 8.4mm. Hose with inner diameter of 8mm and outer diameter of 12mm fits will.



18pin connector for two ADC, two UART, AUX and switch.

3pin connector for PPM.

6pin connector for HALL.

BLE module is optional.



Flow simulation

During flow simulation, an interesting phenomenon is observed. Temperature on each Mosfets is more even and lower when water enter the block from right hose connector. Figure.1 is the result when water enter the block from left hose connector. Figure.2 is the result when water enter the block from right hose connector. As shown in those pictures, temperature of Mosfets is lower in Fig.2. This is also proven in validation. To maximize thermal performance, please pump water into right hose connector. 


Figure. 1


Figure. 2

Load test & water cooling demo


Testing conditions:

Ambient temperature wa25C.

Initial water temperature was 25C.


Document & Software & Firmware Download

Download Latest Firmware
Download Beta Firmware Version x.xx

* Based on Firmware x.xx

Caution: Beta Firmware. Proceed with extreme caution! Use at your own risk!

We thank Benjamin and all developers, for their truly great work in developing the original VESC design and firmware.

ZESC software is derived from VESC project.

You can visit the original, official website of VESC project:

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