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Read this before you pay

Please carefully read the following statement before you make any purchases.

If still worried, speak with us! Send an email or something!  

1. I am new to/unfamiliar with building E-skateboards/scooters. Is ZESC the right place to buy esc for my projects? [Updated: 2020-07-07] [Important]

[Buyers, especially those new to ESC and e-skateboard DIYing, should be extra cautious in regard to safety. The application of ZESC products are solely determined by its user. Buyer is ultimately responsible for any consequences, including injuries, property losses or accidents caused by using the skateboard it builds.]

    If you are new to the field of electric skateboards, you should be prepared to learn. Always do your research before purchasing or building. Go ask questions, whether asking a merchant about their product or asking for help in forums like esk8. Remember, you are building something that goes 30 mph or even more, and you are going to ride on that. Your life is in your own hands.

    Our product, the ESCs, are custom-designed electronic devices intended for personal use by E-skateboard hobbyists. When designing and producing our products, we expect our users to already have at least some kind of expertise or knowledge in using and maintaining ESC they purchase. In other words, our ESC is NOT designed for someone who has NO prior experience with E-skating.


    Will you be discouraged? It is not our intension to discourage anyone. Everyone starts from day one, including the best designers and builders out there. The message is simple. If you are experienced, good. Our product will not fail you. If you are new, it is fine, as long as you are committed and take appropriate steps in familiarizing yourself with the realm of E-skating.


    Just in case, we would like to point out that while we do our best to ensure safety of our design, intentional or unintentional misuse of ESC will cause serious injury, property loss, or even death. It is your responsibility to know how to protect yourself and the public from danger.


    We suggest buyers, particularly those who are not very skilled with ESC use, AVOID giving complete build skateboards/scooters to someone else, especially to children, unless you are absolutely confident about the quality of your build. You, the buyer, will be ultimately responsible for anything happened to your build, its user and/or any consequence it might incur. You have been warned.

2. I am an individual DIYer. What kind of product and service do you guys offer? [Updated: 2020-07-07]

    The products we sell are all related to e-skateboard building, though we mainly focus on ESC and its accessories. We do not sell complete builds. We do not sell batteries or anything that cannot be shipped internationally.

    Consider buying ESC packets if you are starting a new build! You can get everything from ESC to compatible cables in one purchase. It avoids the hassle of shopping for miscellaneous accessories or waiting for multiple international shipments. Packets are available only when you purchase at least 1 ESC (i.e.: We do not individually sell accessories).

3. I am a vendor/manufacturer who make and sell complete builds of

e-skateboards in large quantities. Can we use your products? [Updated: 2021-01-27]

    Please contact us directly via email about customization.

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