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Warrior 6 series represents a mature design that has been continuously refined for over a year. Our product is derived from VESC project, and with more than 6 iterations of improvement, we are proud to declare that we may have found a perfect balance point between price and performance. Warrior 6 series brings you that perfection.

Available variants: 
Warrior 6
Warrior 6 for Balance Boards (Warrior 6 BB)


What's in the box

Warrior 6 esc    x1

Hall sensor cable    x1

JST gh1.25 6pin cable (uart and adc )    x1

JST gh1.25 5pin cable (ppm and can-bus)    x1

16mm latch switch    x1

Download software and user guide at bottom of the page.

Product Specifications

W6 table pic.JPG

Product details

High Quality Materials


For more than a year, we searched for numerous high-quality components, tested them, and hand-picked those that fit our needs. Power stage is composed of twelve high power Mosfets from Infineon (60v 225a). 300v tolerant gate driver and 100v tolerant dc-dc converter make Warrior 6 able to run under 60v safely.


Only the most hardcore tests can reveal the true power of Warrior 6. In testing, warrior 6 was able to sustain 70a for over 3 minutes, or 90a for 1 minute. To make sure Warrior 6 can release its full potential, we prepared a custom designed heatsink, and made it a standard on every Warrior 6. CNC aluminum heatsink gives Warrior 6 fantastic thermal performance, even under heavy loads or extreme environments.


New tricks you love

A new variant of the Warrior 6 series has joined the battle. We added gyro accelerometer to the same, robust design you can trust; now you can put Warrior 6 on your balance boards. (New Warrior 6 for balance boards model only)

new version imu.png


warrior6 drawing.JPG

in  mm

Combo of Two




Hall sensor cable    x1

JST gh1.25 6pin cable (uart and adc )    x1

JST gh1.25 5pin cable (ppm and can-bus)    x1

16mm latch switch    x1

Hall sensor cable is a GH 6pin (male) to PH 2.0 6pin (female) cable. This supports motor with PH 2.0 (male) hall connector.


Bluetooth module

Connect to your phone wirelessly

Document & Software & Firmware Download

Download PDF.jpg
Download rar.jpg
Download rar.jpg

* Based on Firmware 5.03

Caution: Beta Firmware. Proceed with extreme caution! Use at your own risk!

We thank Benjamin and all developers, for their truly great work in developing the original VESC design and firmware.

ZESC software is derived from VESC project.

You can visit the original, official website of VESC project:

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