ZESC Raiden 7 series


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What's in the box

 Raiden 7 esc    x1

JST ph 2.0 6pin hall sensor cable    x1 

JST ph 2.0 3pin cable (adc)    x2

JST ph 2.0 5pin cable (ppm and uart)    x1

16mm latch switch    x1

JST ph 2.0 3pin can-bus cable (if buy combo)    x1

4mm terminals x7 and screws x5

Download software and user guide at bottom of the page.

Product Specifications

Product details

Each 4mm screw terminal has 60mm² cross sectional area(≈ 4 times of 6awg wires) which makes it able to handle 160+ Amps.


Wiring Example

Document & Software & Firmware Download

ZESC software is derived from VESC project.

You can visit the original, official website of VESC project: 


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